by Corpses

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released June 24, 2017

Recorded by George Christoforidis
Mastering by Brad Boatright (Audiosiege)
Artwork by Ultragrim



all rights reserved


Corpses Greece

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Track Name: Normal Day (Corporate Hell)
Wake up and start working for us
Don't even care if you 're dead or alive
Be here half an hour earlier every day
Give us your blood give us your tears
Hurry up, be productive and never judge
Obey, sign the contract of your decay
Daily, we rent your body we own your mind
Family, don't disappoint them don't let 'em starve
Ingrate, you should thank god you still have a job
You should be grateful no matter what
You should thank god you still have this job

So these eight hours have passed and you 're ready to live your life
Have the rest of the day to choose your suicide
On and on marching forward to darker days
Making profit with our hands squeezing your neck
Normal day

Go to bed
Sleep well
Tomorrow's a new day
Bury your dreams
Kill the night terrors
We don't owe you shit
We owe you nothing
Don't have to pay
Pay you for this
Track Name: Man Of The Cloth
Man of the cloth
Spiritual leader
I see behind your mask of truth
You are a deceiver
Selling hope, selling dope it's the same
Long to see you drowning in a pool full of shit
Lie to make a living, horrifying the weak, controlling the masses, using their fear

Man of the cloth, you talk about salvation
I see inside your nasty mind there's only perversion
Liar, shithead, scumbag, cheat
Wanna bury you alive in the deepest pit
Track Name: Victim
In deep darkness bodies lie
Left there rotting in lakes of blood
War, pain, death

Mutilated trying to breath
No survival
No retreat

Tried to find shelter in valleys of death
State has deceived you
Wasted last breath
They sold you out with a flag and the bible
Counterfeit ethics shaped atrophic minds
All statues are dead
No monuments left
Heroes never existed
Track Name: Blasphemy
Forced to believe in the shit that you 're taught
Always stressed, can't prove me wrong
Too fucking ignorant among the masses
Enemy of reason supporting masters
I wanna destroy you
Piss on your faith
Root of evil, mother of hate
Part of the sickness
Delivering pain
I spit on the cross

I wanna see you going extinct
No gods, no masters, none of this shit
I wanna burn your churches down
Fuck your god and shout it out loud
Track Name: No Love
Narcissistic attitude
Thinking in vain
Hell lies inside
Can't find your way

You 're feeling cheap
Probably right
Still i 've got better ways to spend the night

I don't need your love

Pretend to care
Pretend to crack
I despise your filthy ways so i don't give a fuck
Different states of mind
Don't try to guess
Stay all alone with your sick will to possess

I don't need your love
No love
Track Name: No Way
Locked up in a twisted mind
Full of aggression
You 're filled up with hate
Dead ends all around
Can't stand reality
Can't stand the pain

No way
No way to live this life

Light of the dawn lacking of hope
No place to go
No place called home

No way
Track Name: Greed
You want this
Desire that
Your only though to own more and more
Spend money
Already feel better
Feeling that you exist

It is a need being approved in a land consuming shit
And you can't stand it being the one to stay out of it

Now what ?
What's next ?
It doesn't matter as long as it shines
Digging deep your grave
With the latest golden shovel you obtained

Modern slaves in concealed chains
Drown in greed and dying in vain
Trying to find a way to live driven into misery
Track Name: Network Gathering
All of our friends are gathered in the same cozy place
Full of golden dreams and self confidence
Can't hear a single voice although everybody laughs
Can't see each other's face
Just blurry smiles

Try to impress me and this is all
And if I like it I' ll let you know
But if I don't I 'll have to go
That's the way it has to be
That's the way it works

Our friends are gathered in the same prison cell
The only thing that's absent, friendship itself
Track Name: Pure Hate
Screams of pain in bloody mess
I'm feeling cool
Show you no mercy
Unavoidable rule
No second chance
Too fucking late
Don't try to convince me
Get what you deserve

Pure Hate
Straight to your face

This is no outlet of anger
This is no act of hostility
This is no payback either
It's my burning hate

Pure hate
Straight to your face
I'm drowning in hate
Pure hate
Track Name: We Want Your Blood (Anthem Of The Elite)
Follow constructed idols
Turn on your TV
Don't ever think you 're free
Modern days and middle ages, they seem the same
Always the strong exploit the weak
Find out truth and you 'll be dead
Oblivion's safer
Keep out, keep out of it
Be faithful worship god
Simplest of plans
Don't think or act

Don't think, don't act

We offer you a nightmare colorful one
Having your blood in our hands
We lick it without shame, staring you back
Now it belongs to us
And we enjoy it watching you fall
This was our purpose after all
Don't need you anymore you 're nearly dead
So we cut off your head

Give us your blood
Blood, we want it all
We want your blood and even more
Blood and even more
Give us your blood